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What are the Symptoms of Pregnancy? What Are The Earliest Pregnancy Symptoms?

 What are the Symptoms of Pregnancy? I'm sure everyone is wondering about the answer to this question.

One of the symptoms of pregnancy is nausea.Pregnancy symptoms
In the first week, most women know they are pregnant due to their
delayed period.

However, it is also possible to get pregnant during menstrual cramps.
In this case, it can be understood that pregnancy has different

What are the symptoms seen in the first week of pregnancy?

The most important symptom of pregnancy is nausea. The first few of
your pregnancy women usually They experience heartburn, nausea,
and vomiting. In addition, increased appetite is one of the indicators
of pregnancy.

Symptoms in the first week of pregnancy:

  • The person feels sick and therefore vomits
  • Craving any food
  • Delayed menstrual bleeding
  • Feeling weak and tired and therefore constantly asleep
  • Frequent urination
  • Metallic taste in the mouth
  • Dislike the smell, appearance or taste of food
  • The appearance and texture of the breast changes and the breast becomes soft
  • Feeling in the pelvic area
  • Creates general sensitivity to odor
  • Experience emotional changes
  • Vaginal discharge,
  • Eyelashes converge
  • The pupil becomes larger.

However, these are not 100% pregnancy symptoms. Test with this complaint Many women who are pregnant These complaints can be caused by different diseases. Therefore, pregnancy tests are also required.

Pregnancy Test

Pregnancy test is done by taking urine and blood. With signs of pregnancy People can have a pregnancy test at the pharmacy and can take the test at home. A home pregnancy test is done with urine. In addition, blood tests can be used to understand pregnancy.

What are the symptoms of early pregnancy?

Pregnancy symptoms can occur within the first two weeks. Not all
women experience the same pregnancy. Some women.While never
feeling nauseous, other women may experience serious stomach
problems during pregnancy.Similarly, the outlook for pregnancy
symptoms may not be the only one.

But for those who doubt when pregnancy symptoms began, It can be said that it can start immediately. The first symptom doesn't
mean everyone is the same. Women may experience different
symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy.


Dizziness and fainting are also the first symptoms of pregnancy in some women. If you are not pregnant, these situations It can also occur due to low blood sugar and low blood pressure.

Breast tenderness

You can also check your breasts to see if you are pregnant. may occur. Tenderness and fullness may occur in the breasts during pregnancy.

Experiencing Cramps and Indigestion

During this early sign of pregnancy, you will feel bloated like your menstrual
period. This experience could mean that your moon head is approaching
or you are pregnant.

Severe headache

Headache attacks thought to inhibit hormone secretion in the early
stages of pregnancy you can experience.

Sudden mood swings

Hormones changed drastically during pregnancy, this will also affect your mood, You may be angry at some things that won't blush, but you will be
satisfied with some little things. Nausea and vomiting are common in the
first few months of pregnancy.

High body temperature is also one of the symptoms of pregnancy.

Back pain

When should I consult a doctor?

The answer to the question of when do pregnancy symptoms start is
from the first week of pregnancy.However, not everyone needs to
have the same symptoms. Some people are pregnant after a few weeks
may not even understand that they are. However,people who think they have pregnancy symptoms should apply
for an examination first. The test is at homecan be done. Anyone who
appears to be pregnant should consult a doctor. In this way, the health
of the baby is can be controlled and information about the mother's
compliance can be obtained from the doctor.

Will a blood test be accurate in the first week

of pregnancy?

Pregnancy can be shown in the blood test in the first week, but it cannot
be said with certainty.A positive result can be seen in a blood test one
week after the person becomes pregnant and has a blood test.

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