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Diet Programme

 Today I will share many women's problems with you.

First of all, while I am sharing with you here, I am of course sharing the first subjects I have tried myself. I present these topics to you to get ideas.
Due to the fact that the female structure is suitable for weight gain and loss, diseases, births and some problems cause this.
Especially if you are a woman who gave birth, your whole body is turned upside down.

  According to some scientists, consuming too much food brings many diseases, accumulates toxins in the body and if we want to get rid of the diseases, we need to improve the diet.
  Some of us become the main problem in our lives. Until I implemented this system, it was my biggest problem at the time.As I always say, losing weight is not healthy,The important thing is to lose a healthy weight.Thanks to this, I lost 15 kilos. Of course, I will give tips for getting it.

Level 1

This system is a system progressing program. I'll tell you about level1. You will see how to lose weight easily.

I prepared this post entirely in my own words.

First of all, we will start with full will. I intend to lose weight in a healthy way.

Prohibited Foods

♦Sugar and anything containing sugar. All kinds of sweets, honey, molasses
♦No fruit (except lunch)
♦Carbonated drinks
♦No roast

Liquid Purchase Rules:

♦Drink a glass of water before meals.Do not drink any beverages with meals. It makes digestion difficult.
♦1 hour after eating tea, water, herbal tea, etc. you can drink

General rules;

•We will chew a lot in our food mouth. If we chew the healthiest food less in the pouch, we gain weight and cannot get nutrients.
•After eating, You do not go to sleep immediately.
•Be sure to exercise for at least 30 minutes every day.

Breakfast (12; 30-13,30)

As a nation, we got used to eating breakfast early. But we need to get over that.

I prepared a sample breakfast for you. You can increase the portion a little more. You can add greenery. I put the apple for visual.
You can get hungry around 3 o'clock . You can only eat an apple or a handful of nuts, such as raw almonds, raw cashews.

Everything we used to eat was natural, so it was difficult to gain weight. Now, there are so many chemicals in food that everything seems artificial, so we eat unhealthy. Obesity rate is increasing day by day. Of course, while I am describing this diet, I remember many people dying of hunger. Many countries are fighting with hunger. And I am grateful for every meal given to me.

Dinner (18; 00-19; 30)

You can eat anything at dinner except banned. Its meat is chicken, fish and vegetables.
It is good for health if you prefer bulgur pilaf in rice.
If there is soup, drink the first soup. ie the first liquids before the main meal, then solid dishes such as soup and yogurt.

My dinner sample. Chicken and soup.

You can make rice salad with it. I did not need it because I was used to it.
One hour after eating, drink a bardar of cinnamon milk to facilitate fat burning at night.

Benefits; Having a strong protein source, cinnamon milk helps to lose weight by burning fat in a short time by activating the metabolism. You can prevent sweet crises and protect yourself from excess calorie intake with this exquisite blend that combines milk and cinnamon together.
Here is the diet we will follow for a month.
You can achieve your goal if you really apply it fully.

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