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Skin Benefits of Drinking Water || Secret Healing of Water


  The water in our skin constitutes 20 percent of the total water in the body. Under normal climatic conditions, our body loses approximately 400 ml of water a day. As our skin stays dry, its elasticity loses and leads to premature aging of our skin.

Also, water can be found in all three liquid, solid and gaseous states in the world. Science still hasn't been able to figure this out.

Why is water needed?

The digestive system uses most of the water we take into our bodies to process food.The system cools the body by providing moisture in the skin with water.Considering that 60 percent of a healthy adult's body is water, it is the most essential element.

Water moisturizes the skin

The water does what not all beauty creams and skin masks can do. Water naturally moisturizes the skin. Because real moisturizing can only be done under the skin, that is, natural water. When the moisture of the skin decreases due to various external factors, which increases in summer, moisturizing the skin from the outside is insufficient. The only way to maintain the moisture balance of the skin is to drink water.


   Water rejuvenates the skin

    Water is the most important element in the survival of cells. The water balance in our body also has a great effect on the skin. Water is the essential nutrient source for healthy skin. We can protect our skin from the sun's rays by drinking water. We can maintain the natural radiance of the skin by drinking plenty of water.

    Water for slimming

  Excess weight poses a health hazard as well as aesthetically. I have experienced this myself, and drinking water adds vitality to the body. Drinking water regularly has great benefits in protecting our health. Of course, a healthy diet is a must.


  Water for health

We know that a normal adult should drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day, athletes or those who want to lose weight should drink 3 liters of water.

 I can give you a few tips on how the waters should be;

It must be natural spring water, bottled under hygienic conditions.

• Your water should not be cloudy, but colorless and clear.

• Its mineral structure must be balanced

And let's come to the most interesting part. Did you know that water has a secret structure.
Since these sentences do not belong to me, I am adding the quote link.


A Japanese researcher named Masaru Emoto investigated whether the molecular structure of the human body and water, which covers more than 70% of the planet we live in, is influenced by people's thoughts, words and the music they listen to, and focused his studies in this direction. the advocate researcher; He argued that thanks to the positive thoughts brought to life, it was possible for man to heal and regenerate his blood and the planet he lived in.

With the recent popularity of music therapy, Masaru Emoto decided to see the effects of music on the structure of water, and by putting distilled water between two music speakers for a few hours, he photographed the crystal forms of the water after it was frozen, allowing us to see these amazing photos.

When this study gave results in line with his expectations, the researcher decided to examine the effects of thoughts and words on the formation of water crystals and the words were played on cassettes in glass bottles throughout the night.

Here are amazing images showing water crystals being influenced by words. 


If you want your skin to be beautiful, do not remove water from your life

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